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Phone number in USA: 1540-322-1345 


Pictures from our recent trip for Kurdish Businesses to The University of York.
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Come with us to London, UK: We take a select group of Kurdish Businessmen to London every month to attend a business conference to allow them to improve trade with the UK and grow their businesses. 

If you wish to participate, please contact us as soon as you can so that we can prepare your visas. We will only sponsor businessmen who are serious in their intent to attend the events and return to make their homeland a stronger, better society.. 

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COVID-19 will change the way we all do business.

Are you ready?

We have added several new classes and are adapting old ones to deal with the biggest single threat to our health and safety as a global community since 1919. This includes several webinar courses on Hygiene and COVID-19 which are certified by OSHAcademy, a prominent US Occupational Health and Safety training provider. Download our FREE "Workplace Hygiene" course booklet below. Go to our Schedule to get information and to register. If there is a class you want us to add, email us now with the description and number of students you have. 




in the LIFE SUPPORT TEAM building behind the Rotana Hotel on Gulan Street. 

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